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Jayco vs. Airstream: Which RV Is Right for You? - Blog

Featured image for Jayco vs. Airstream: Which RV Is Right for You?RV's are becoming increasingly popular, with some manufacturers lagging behind in their orders due to the high demand.
So if you're one of the new enthusiasts keen to purchase an RV, how do you pick the best one for you? The choice is surely between two of the big names in RV manufacturing i.e. Jayco or Airstream. 

Jayco's been the best selling brand of RV for decades, while Airstream's one of the best-known RV brands around. 
Let's take a brief look at the Jayco and Airstream travel trailers to see what puts Jayco ahead of the pack. 

Top Features of Jayco RVs vs. Airstream

Jayco trailers feature prominently as best-on-show choices at RV expos every year. The Jayco Jay Flight's also been North America's top-selling travel trailer for the last 15 years in a row. 

Analysts agree that Jayco's popularity hinges on its family-friendly design and reputation for treating both its employees and customers as part of one big happy family. 

What's Makes Jayco Trailers Special?

There's more to Jayco than great service and a welcoming company culture, though the brand has also mastered several important features that put Jayco trailers ahead of the competition. These are:
  • The strongest roof system in the business
  • Climate Shield to protect the trailers against extreme weather
  • Customized extra-strong frames
  • Online access to owner manuals, maintenance checklists, and warranty information
  • Extensive warranties
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing practices
These innovative features are just some of the things that make Jayco trailers a top choice for many American families.

Ever-Popular Airstream

RV enthusiasts have loved Airstream trailers for decades thanks to their luxury finishes and unusual looks. Some of the highlights of Airstream trailers include:

  • Aircraft quality aluminum shells
  • Insulated hand-riveted frame
  • Plenty of glass-tempered windows
  • Purpose-built furniture
  • Modern interior design

Since the Airstream shell is one piece, workers must carry each appliance and piece of furniture into the RV by hand. All these features result in much higher manufacturing costs, which explains the high sticker price of Airstream trailers.

Variety of Models

Both Jayco and Airstream offer a range of models to suit the needs of RV vacationers. Jayco currently has 9 lines in their range, while Airstream has 7. These are the most popular ones:

Jay Feather Micro

These are the smallest of Jayco's travel trailers, ranging between 13' and 20' long. This line offers seven different floor plans, all with kitchens and plenty of storage.

The 17MBS model comes with a few extra features, including a pantry.

Jay Feather

These lightweight trailers have 18 different floor plans to choose from. You get them with pop-out tents, Murphy beds, and slides.

The 23BHM bunkhouse model has 50 x 76 bunk beds in the rear and a Murphy bed in front. It also has a linen closet, corner shower, and an outside kitchen. All this without the extra space provided by a slide.

The Jay Feather 22 RB comes standard with an island bed, outside shower, and farmhouse-style kitchen with a double-door fridge.

White Hawk

The White Hawk's a relatively lightweight luxury line of large trailers with 16 different floor plans available. The trailer's range in weight from 5,385 lbs to 7,575 lbs.

All the kitchens in these trailers have three-burner ranges, large 8-cubic foot refrigerators, and stainless steel microwaves. Beautiful woodwork and designer textiles add an aura of luxury to this line.

Jay Flight

The best-selling Jay Flight line is Jayco's signature offering, and you can choose from a dozen floor plans in this line of travel trailers.

Some of the highlights of the Jay Flight include the option for a king-size bed in the master suite, outdoor kitchens, and patio furniture instead of a dinette.

Jay Flight Bungalow

These are the largest of the Jay Flight options featuring many touches that give the trailer a residential feel. These include patio doors and an atrium-style front well.

There are six different floor plans available in this line, including a loft model and a bunkhouse version.

Eagle HT Travel Trailers

Jayco started making this line of trailers over 25 years ago. It's a top choice among full-time RVers due to its homely feel and spacious interior.

The bathroom includes a porcelain flush toilet, LED nightlight, and a luxurious tiled backsplash. These trailers also have stylish farmhouse interior decor and a choicer of 8 different floor plans.

The Airstream Lines of Travel Trailers

While Jayco's quick to adjust its trailers to suit modern trends and preferences, Airstream has stuck to its original designs since day one.

Airstream's latest offering of RV travel trailers for 2021 includes the Basecamp and Bambi, which are the smallest in the line, sleeping between two and four people. These basic trailers include a small bathroom, kitchenette, and sofa beds.

The small easy-to-tow Caravel accommodates up to 4 people with a small bathroom and kitchenette on board.
The Flying Cloud's the most popular version of the Airstream today, and you can get it in a wide range of configurations. Flying Cloud's come with a double bed, twin beds, or bunk beds according to your preferences and is the most family-friendly model in the Airstream range.

The Airstream Globetrotter and International lines of trailers are alike in many ways, offering a luxurious stay and convenient extra touches.

The Airstream Classic's the showpiece of the Airstream range featuring spacious interiors and many different configurations. The Classic's designed with the full-time RVer in mind.

Price of Jayco Travel Trailers Vs Airstream

If you're shopping according to a strict budget, chances are, your choice will come down to price. So, how much more expensive are Airstream trailers, really?

The smallest Airstream trailer retails for around $45,900, while the largest Classic trailer costs about $171,900.

By comparison, an 8-sleeper Jayco Jay Flight SLX 224 BH retails for $25,501.

Find Your Perfect Travel Trailer Today

The choice between Jayco and Airstream depends entirely on what you see as important in a travel trailer if you want a spacious, durable, and practical RV that's great for family adventures, the Jayco's right for you.

Jayco travel trailers are known for excellent quality craftsmanship and a range of layouts to suit any preference. The manufacturers place a high emphasis on customer experience and affordability. These aspects are what make Jayco the most popular choice for family vacations across the country.
We're proud to stock a wide range of the latest Jayco trailers. So, check out our RV inventory to help you choose the ideal fifth-wheel trailer, motorhome, hybrid trailer, or camper trailer for you.

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We look forward to introducing you to the wonderful world of RVing with a Jayco trailer, get in touch to discuss your vacation needs today.