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Whether this is your first RV purchase or not, it's critical to the life of your RV and your wallet that you clearly understand the warranty plans included with your purchase. Not all RV warranties are created equally, which means you should take the time to review what is and isn't covered once you drive your travel trailer or motorhome off the lot.
When you're comparing the cost of two similar units of roughly the same size, style, and layout, the price is often the first thing that pulls buyers one way or the other. However, what you should be looking at it for the long game to ensure regular wear and tear, manufacturing issues, and other potentially costly issues are handled in house.
Jayco, as a whole, regularly outshines other RV manufacturers for several reasons. The most significant, though, is their customer-focused warranty and their top tier construction. If you want to learn more about Jayco's warranty coverage and prepare yourself for your next purchase, this article is a must-read!

What is an RV Warranty?


Once you decide which RV dealer to work with and narrow down the style of RV you want, what else should you consider before making a purchase? While it's sometimes confusing to weed through the paperwork and manuals that accompany a new RV, you should have a clear understanding of what is covered before you drive your RV off the lot!
An RV extended warranty generally covers mechanical breakdowns on a travel trailer or motorhome. They usually cover repair costs for the mechanical components like the engine, slides, levelling systems, tank monitors, air conditioning units, refrigerators, and more.
Warranty on RV parts commonly come in options like:

  • Listed Component Warranty: Lists precisely what the warranty covers in the contract, and anything not on the list isn't covered.
  • Exclusionary Warranty: This option is a more comprehensive coverage option that lists what ISN'T covered. The warranty covers all the other breakdowns.

It's important to remember that an RV warranty won't cover physical or collision-related damages. A warranties design isn't to cover regular maintenance like oil changes or tire rotations and cosmetic fixes like furniture or flooring

What Jayco RV Warranties Cover


In addition to the components your RV seller covers, Jayco offers their warranty, curated by the people who built it, to keep your RV in top shape. Every new Jayco unit is protected against defects in the construction materials and craftsmanship starting the day you purchase.
With proper maintenance and regular inspections, your Jayco RV will be a reliable unit you can use for travel and leisure through their three-year covered warranty and more!

How Long Are You Covered?


Jayco's warranty covers you either for two-years or, for motorized parts, 24,000 miles. That means you get a coverage that lasts 730 days, which is almost twice the industry standard! Starting in 2020, they've also added a third year of structural coverage, which comes standard with every model.

How Do You Receive Warranty Coverage on Your Jayco RV?


Once you hit the road in your new RV, you can focus on the fun stuff and trust that Jayco's highly-trained professionals will be there should you need assistance. To get your RV serviced, you only need to follow these three steps:

  1. Notify your authorized Jayco dealer of the material or craftsmanship defect you've noticed within your coverage period
  2. Provide this notification within your coverage period to Jayco
  3. Schedule an appointment for repair within your coverage period with your authorized dealer

Where Can you Find Warranty Coverage Information?


Everything you need to know about your RV and your Jayco warranty is in your owner's manual. You will also find a checklist for maintenance that could be required to maintain your limited warranty.

Why is Jayco a Superior Brand?


The Jayco brand is the direct result of 50 years of planning and identifying what was working on the market and elevating it to their standards. Over the years, this brand has researched and developed ways to improve their product consistently.
Three key teams play into Jayco's success:

  1. The nationwide network of dealers and sales teams
  2. In-house engineers
  3. Production line operators

The collaborative effort of this team works together to provide the best possible product to eager RV shoppers. The suggested features, design elements, and floorplans work together to integrate what they can into each new product released to the market.
So, what does all of this mean to you as the owner or shopper? You can trust that every aspect of your unit's design, from floorplan function to physical construction, has been carefully considered and inspected by Jayco's professional team.

Why Jayco Offers the Best RV Warranty


Why does this company go to such great lengths to offer their RVers this type of warranty? Why do they do such extensive testing for quality assurance and elemental resistance?
As the best RV extended warranty in the industry, Jayco crushes the competition with a plan that is almost twice as long as others and includes the new, three-year structural coverage. Jayco has a thorough understanding of what their customers need because they genuinely listen to what they say! With in-house coverage and maintenance capabilities, the company can better understand what works, but most importantly, what isn't working for their travel trailers and motorhomes. 
When you purchase a Jayco RV from Hiemstra Trailer Sales, you will receive the best RV warranties available on the market today, at no extra charge! When you shop Hiemstra, you'll get excellent service, a high-quality RV, and the most extensive warranty coverage of any brand in the industry. 
Contact us for hours of operation or to ask any warranty questions you may still have! You can also visit our blog to learn more about the Jayco brand or RV ownership in general.