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When you own an RV, the open road is your home. You can go almost anywhere you want at a moment's notice. Travel is so much more affordable when you don't need to pay for hotels or other traditional accommodations.

With over 4 million miles of public roadways at your disposal and countless other side routes to explore, there's no end to the variety you can enjoy on RV road trips.

Get started with these North American RV trips that deserve a spot on your wish list. 

1. Route 66 - USA

No list of road trips is complete without mentioning this classic strip of tarmac. Completing the 2,278-mile journey in one go takes some planning and takes at least two weeks. 

Some don't-miss sights along this iconic route include:

  •      The National Route 66 museum in Oklahoma's Elk City
  •      The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo
  •      66 Drive-In
  •      Milk Bottle Grocery 
  •      Grand Canyon Caverns
  •      The murals in Pontiac
  •      Paul Bunyan and the giant hotdog

Of course, there are hundreds of other things to see and do along the way and numerous comfortable RV trailer parks too. For optimum comfort, a luxury motorhome is the best RV for this long-haul journey.

2. Algonquin Provincial Park - Canada

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the largest provincial parks in Ontario and offers a diverse array of activities and attractions for everyone. It’s the ideal destination for an RV road trip, with 12 different developed campgrounds scattered around the park.

You can settle down in one to enjoy the nearby hiking, biking, boating, and fishing or travel from camp to camp in search of your fix.

Algonquin park welcomes all types of RV’s from folding camping trailers all the way through to Class C motorhomes. It’s important to state what kind of RV you’re bringing along at the time of booking as some campsites are only suited to tents.

Some of the campgrounds offer all the facilities you require such as flush toilets, showers, and laundries, while others have fewer amenities. To avoid disappointment, enquire about what’s available when you do your booking.

3. The Rockies and Yellowstone National Park - USA

Another bucket-list item, this route is one of the best RV trips for nature lovers. There are wonderful towering mountains to admire, and the promise of walks and hikes at the end.

Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Teton National Park combine well with a trip to Yellowstone. Set aside some time to enjoy the many nature walks and hikes in each park. You'll find plenty of well-maintained campgrounds in all of these parks, so you can unhitch and unwind with ease.

4. Port Burwell Provincial Park - Canada

Another Ontario gem, Port Burwell Provincial Park features a long sandy beach on the shores of Lake Eyrie. It’s a welcoming destination for the entire family, including pets.

It’s also a birder’s paradise and offers a wide range of outdoor activities from relaxed sunbathing and swimming to exhilarating hiking, boating, and canoeing trips.

RV enthusiasts can set up camp in one of nine highly-rated RV parks in this area.

5.  Blue Ridge Parkway - USA

This a popular route for RVers, winding its way through almost 500 miles of Appalachia's mountains. In the summertime, things can get crowded but the beautiful views make it all worthwhile. 

Some of the things to see along this route include:

  •      Crabtree Falls 
  •      Doughton Park
  •      Cumberland Knob
  •      Explore Park Recreational Area
  •      Blue Ridge Music Center

Another thing that makes this trip a hit with RV enthusiasts is the abundance of excellent campgrounds with RV hookups along the way. 

6. Pinery Provincial Park - Canada

Pinery Park is a nature lover’s paradise set on the shores of Lake Huron. This beautiful destination abounds with rare Coastal Dune Ecosystems and fragile Oak savannah alive with hundreds of animals and plants.

The park is an excellent place to stop off any time of year and boasts some of the best sunsets in the world, according to National Geographic.

Once you’ve set up camp in one of the 13 campsites in this area, you can indulge in miles of biking and walking trails or enjoy the well-groomed ski trails in winter.

7. The Great Lakes - USA

Those with RV travel trailers will have a blast exploring this lush area. You can unhitch your rig outside Chicago and head off to enjoy watersports, beaches, and boating on these famous waterways.

Don't miss the chance to see Navy Pier, Chicago's Art Institute, and Willis Tower when you've had your fill of waterborne pursuits.

If you'd like a change of scenery every day, you can do a circle tour around one or more of the Great Lakes. You'll find no shortage of sights, cities, and RV-friendly campgrounds around the lakes.

8. Fundy Coastal Drive - Canada

If you hanker for a seaside outing, Fundy Coastal Drive in New Brunswick won’t disappoint. It meanders through New Brunswick along the eastern coast of Canada, ending at Sackville.  

Along the way, you can take your time admiring the quaint villages, lighthouses, coves, and beaches or complete the entire journey from in just 5 hours from St Stephen.

When you arrive at your destination, you can set up camp in one of 11 RV parks in the area, including Fundy Bay National Park featuring the world’s highest tides and unforgettable whale watching in season.

9. New England - USA

The New England circuit is a charming destination for an RV road trip. The round trip through all the NE States takes about 3 weeks but you can enjoy yourself just as much if you focus on only one section for the journey.

This lovely part of the world has abundant scenic inland roads as well as coastal routes to explore. The color of the leaves in the fall is spectacular and there are loads of quaint historic sites and interesting things to see all along the way.

Some of New England's campgrounds close after the busy fall season, so if you're traveling at this time, it pays to plan ahead.

Other Ideas for RV Trips 

When you own an RV, you're not confined to established routes. You can also tailor-make itineraries according to your interests, or just for fun. Some of the more unusual RV travel ideas include:


  •      Taking your taste buds on a multi-day tour of the best roadside eateries you can find along the way
  •      Exploring historic sites and battlefield across the country
  •      Discovering a neighboring city's art galleries, museums, nightlife and shopping from a nearby out-of-town RV park
  •      Heading off to a multi-day music or food festival
  •      Getting a multi-day pass to one of the country's theme parks and staying in a nearby campground while you lap up the fun. 

Are you ready to embark on adventures for the rest of your lifetime? Browse through our online catalog and see which RV travel trailers catch your eye.

Then, get in touch. Our RV pros will set you up with all the gear as well as valuable advice for choosing the best routes according to your type of RV, available time, and interests.