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How are the payments calculated?

The bi-weekly payment shown is based on the 'selling price', then including HST (13% Harmonized Sales Tax), as the amount financed over the *maximum amortization term possible with $500 down at a fixed interest rate of 6% to 7.99%.

*The maximum amortization term is determined by comparing the product model year against the current year and obtaining the difference. For each year a model is older then the current model year, one year is removed from the maximum amortization of 20 years. Future model year product is considered the current year for financing.

An interest rate of 6.28% is used for calculations unless the amount being financed is below $10,000 in which case the rate changes to 7.99%. The minimum amount considered for financing is $7,500 (including HST).

If a payment is below $48.00 bi-weekly, the amortization term will be reduced one year from the maximum amortization period until the payment is at or above $48.00.

All calculations are estimates only.