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The concept of romance doesn’t usually bring RVing to mind. However, many couples enjoy RVing together and find it fun, adventurous, and yes – even romantic. Buying an RV is a big commitment – almost as big as saying, “I do.” Hiemstra can help you, and your sweetie choose the RV that’s going to suit your needs as a couple.

Choose the Right RV

We’ve all got a type! And RVs are no different. They come in many makes and models. Hiemstra’s is an exclusive Jayco dealer. Jayco RVs feature the best in quality, choice, and service. Hiemstra carries a variety of Jayco RV models, such as:

  • Travel Trailers
  • Expandables
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Motorhomes
  • Tent Trailers
  • And More!

Before You Shop

Before you and your partner embark on your RV shopping venture together, take some time to discuss what’s important to you in an RV, both as individuals and as a couple.

Sleeping Quarters: Discuss whether your RV needs to provide sleeping space for just you and your partner or if you want to be able to accommodate guests. Couples who might be planning for the pitter-patter of little feet (or already have children) may want to consider having more beds as well. Many RVs come with bunk beds, double beds, or both, so a frank discussion and agreement of what your preferred sleep arrangements are while travelling will help determine the RV that’s right for you.

Eating: How do you plan to eat while RVing? Like a king? If so, you’ll likely be looking at RVs and motorhomes with full kitchen amenities. If you’re content with roasting wieners over an open fire or grabbing food to go while you travel, you may want to consider a smaller RV with only a kitchenette. Consider the eating space as well. Some RVs have small dinettes with a table, while others do not. Decide together where you want to eat, and remember that a table is also a great place to play board games and cards when it’s cold or rainy.

Storage: How much do you need? Are you and your partner travelling light? Or does one (or both!) of you overpack even for a short weekend jaunt? Be sure to decide how much storage you both want. It will help you narrow down the decision between smaller and larger RVs.

Bathroom Habits: No couple wants to talk about it, but it’s a fact of life. And when it comes to RVs, there’s a lot to consider: size, function, and upkeep included. Some RVs and motor homes have separate toilet and shower facilities, while some travel trailers have shower and toilet all-in-ones (wet baths).

Budget: Don’t wait until you’re in the RV showroom to discover that you and your partner aren’t on the same page when it comes to budget! Talk beforehand, do some research, and agree on a budget. Having a budget in mind can help us get you into the right RV faster. As well, agreeing on a budget keeps both partners feeling comfortable through the shopping process.

Taking the Plunge

After you and your partner have discussed your individual RV needs, your wants, and agreed on the budget, you’re ready to shop! Congratulations! You’re ready to take it to the next level and buy the RV of your dreams. Hiemstra is excited to be a part of your big day! We’ll help you choose the RV that’s right for you as a couple.

Still can’t decide which RV might be right for you? We’ve included a few suggestions below.

Young Couples: The Adventure Seekers

You’re young and carefree and unsure of where you’re heading. All you know is that you’re ready to take the road less travelled. As long as you’re together, nothing can stop you. Consider a tent-trailer, expandable, or a small traveller. Your smaller RV will still offer shelter and storage, but you won’t be weighed down by hauling unnecessary bulk or slowed down by bathroom maintenance.

Families: Putting the Fun in Function

When you’re a couple that’s got kids, you’re going to be looking for an RV that can take you and your family on fun adventures. Consider a fifth wheel or motorhome. These larger RVs will give everyone the space they need to sleep and eat comfortably and have enough storage for everyone’s belongings and all of the food it takes to keep your crew going.

Retirees: Serenity and Convenience

Retirees and senior couples will want to consider RVs that do not require too much physical upkeep and can easily park, hitch, and hook up to sanitization stations and electricity. For that reason, motorhomes or camper vans are best because they’re very convenient with minimal physical set-up required. However, some senior couples prefer a fifth wheel because they don’t plan to do much travelling in the RV. Instead, they favour the serenity of parking their fifth wheel in a park for a few weeks or a season and then using their personal vehicle for day trips and errands.

At Hiemstra, we always say that couples that RV together stay together. We know that when you buy an RV together, you’ll be making happy memories for years to come.

If you’re still not sure which RV is right for you as a couple, contact us to chat with one of our Hiemstra team RV specialists. We’ll be happy to discuss your options. Contact us today or visit us online.

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