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Another great RV season is on the horizon. Are you ready? If you stored your RV properly and ensured that your RV was serviced before winter, opening it up and getting it ready for this year’s adventures should be quick and easy. Hiemstra is your one-stop resource when it comes to getting your RV road-ready as soon as possible. After all, you’ve got sights to see, campfires to light, and memories to make. With a little preparation, your RV will be ready, and so will you.


Getting the RV Ready


There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that your RV is ready for another great season.


1. Give it the Once Over

Once your RV is out of storage, give it a good once over, inspecting everything from bumper to bumper, inside and out. Pay special attention to latches and locks. They have been exposed to moisture and freezing temperatures all winter and may be seized. Lubricate them if necessary.


Be sure to pay special attention to seals, windows, doors, and air vents. Look for cracks, any lifting of the sealant, gaps, or holes. Hiemstra’s can help! We can also help you inspect and seal your RV. If you do find that it’s too late, and some water has already permeated your RV, call Hiemstra’s right away. A leak that is not addressed can result in serious damage.


Don’t forget to look at the tires too. Check for deflation or cracks. Test the tire pressure and add air if necessary. If you find yourself with a flat, consult the specialists at Hiemstra. They’ll know exactly what tire size and type you need, and they’ll be able to order and install it for you too.


2. Clean it Up


Your RV has been sitting in the snow, potentially salt, and the sun over the winter months, so it’s probably dirty. Even under a tarp or indoors, there’s dust, debris, and bug poop to think about. Give the exterior a good cleaning! Don’t forget to clean up inside too. Wipe everything down, including inside cupboards and other storage spots. Sanitize the bathroom and kitchen and sweep and mop the floors. Don’t forget to wipe or vacuum mattresses and window dressings. The oven, microwave, and fridge should have been thoroughly cleaned when you closed your RV for the winter, but they can still benefit from a good wipe down.


3. Test it Out


There are a lot of power functions that need to be tested to ensure they’re working properly and safely. For example:


  • Making batteries are installed correctly, charged, and working
  • Testing power cords
  • Turning all lights on and off
  • Testing all GFCI
  • Inspecting the fuse box and replacing blown fuses
  • Testing fire alarms and replacing batteries if required
  • Making sure the propane system is functioning and the pilot lights are all lit


If during testing, you encounter a problem or a power system that isn’t functioning, Hiemstra recommends bringing the RV in for service instead of attempting to diagnose or repair the problem yourself. This is for your safety. Repairing power systems poses a significant risk to your health and safety, and to the RV, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of the capable professionals at Hiemstra.


4. Don’t Forget to Flush!

The plumbing and sanitization system sat stagnate over the winter months. It’s important to get the water flowing carefully to make sure that the plumbing remains efficient. De-winterize and sanitize all aspects of the freshwater system and be sure to give the toilet a couple of flushes to sure it’s all flowing smoothly! If your freshwater system isn’t following like expected, there may have been damage caused by freezing through the winter. Bring your RV to the professionals at Hiemstra. We’ll do what we can to mitigate the damage, and then repair the RV to ensure it’s ready to roll.


5. Have it Serviced

Once you’ve completed the initial inspection, preparation, and testing, bring your RV to Hiemstra for service. We’ll give it another inspection, address any issues, and tune it up for optimal performance. Our trained team of professionals will make sure that there are no safety concerns, and that your RV is ready to provide reliable fun all summer long.


6. Fuel it Up

Now that RV is ready to hit the road, fuel it up! Don’t forget about the propane systems. If you require any propane system services or maintenance, contact Hiemstra. We’ll make sure that your propane and fuel systems are running properly.


Get it Loaded with Necessities

Your RV is safe and ready to hit the road! I bet you can’t wait. But don’t forget the last thing. Load up your RV with all of your RVing necessities. From camping gear and grills to the latest in entertainment electronics, Hiemstra’s online accessory catalogue has you covered.


Make this season the best season yet, with an RV that’s reliable and ready to take you where you want to go. The best way to guarantee your RV is road-ready is to ensure that you both store it properly and prepare it for another season when you pull it out of storage. That’s where Hiemstra comes in. We offer a full-service menu, and we guarantee all of our work. Hiemstra is also a Jayco RV and RV parts dealer. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll help you order it from our online catalogue.


Don’t delay. Book your RV service to prepare for your next great RV season! Contact us today.

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