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For many, RV shows are the go-to events when it comes time to buy an RV. But buying an RV without attending RV shows isn’t impossible. With the help of the professionals at Hiemstra, purchasing an RV is an easy, enjoyable, and exciting experience.

What is an RV Show?

An RV show is an exhibition where various RV manufacturers and vendors showcase all of the latest and greatest RVs and RV accessories on the market. RV shows are beneficial for anyone interested in purchasing an RV, from first-time buyers to experienced RV owners. Some benefits of attending an RV show include:

• Getting a chance to see RVs in person, tour them, and explore different styles and models
• Seeing all types of RVs on display, such as Travel Trailers, Expandables, Fifth Wheels, and Motorhomes
• Asking a ton of questions, gathering information, and learning a lot
• Getting to see other gear and accessories in action
• Meeting other experienced RV owners who share your passion for the RV lifestyle

While it may seem that RV shows are the only way to take advantage of all of these benefits, Hiemstra strives to provide the RV show experience all year long by giving shoppers a genuine sales experience without the stress of hidden fees and upsells.

Recreating the RV Show Experience

The team at Hiemstra loves a good RV show just as much as our clients. But, since large RV shows are not responsible given the current climate, we’ve committed to bringing the RV show experience to our clients by ensuring that they don’t miss out on a single benefit of RV shows when shopping with us.

Seeing Different Types and Models of RVs

For new buyers, especially, the sheer number of different models and types of RVs available can be daunting. When you visit an RV show, you get an idea of what style is right for you. However, an RV show is not the only place to do that. A Google search will yield lots of information, breaking down the differences between a tent-trailer and a motorhome. You can also find lists outlining the various pros and cons of each type of RV or Travel Trailer.

Our website also shows the types of RVs & trailers we carry, including floorplans. If you still aren’t sure, we’re here to help. We can help you understand the various models and the benefits of owning each type. We’ll listen to your needs and make a recommendation. Together, we can start talking about what we have in stock that will fit your needs and budget.

Seeing Inside RVs

One of RV shows’ best things is getting to go inside the RVs to see what they have to offer, and this helps shoppers determine what they need, what they want, and what will work best for their family or suit their individual needs. Hiemstra online ensures that you do not miss out on this experience.

Our website includes pictures, slide shows, and floor plans of all of the various models available so that you get the idea of what each RV looks like inside. The floor plans give you an idea of living space and sleeping quarters in general. We recommend starting online to see the floor plans and slide shows to get an idea of available configurations. When you’re ready, come by to learn more and see what we have in stock; we’ll give you a tour if we have an RV that’s piqued your interest, being sure to point out all of the features.

Asking Questions

RV shows give you easy access to many RV professionals, and you get a chance to ask all of the questions you have about RVs and RV ownership. Luckily, even in the absence of RV shows, you still have access to lots of RV professionals who are happy to answer as many questions as you can ask. The Hiemstra team welcomes inquiries, and we’re here to answer them throughout the purchase process and into your RV ownership journey.

Seeing RV Gear and Accessories

Sure, RV shows are great places to see an accessories showcase. But Hiemstra has a complete parts and accessories catalogue, and we’re confident that we can offer an accessory for any need. Our catalogue features:

• Awnings
• Towing Products
• Cleaners
• Appliance
• Hardware
• Propane accessories
• And more!

We can advise you on accessories and help you determine the best ones for your RV.

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