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You’re unique and your lifestyle is unique to you! Hiemstra has something for everybody, no matter your lifestyle, needs, or RV goals. We also understand that with are so many RV options out there, it can be challenging and even overwhelming to understand the benefits of each RV type, and how it compliments your lifestyle.

Choose the Right RV

We’ve all got a type! And RVs are no different. They come in many makes and models. Hiemstra is an exclusive Jayco dealer. Jayco RVs feature the best in quality, choice, and service. Hiemstra carries a variety of Jayco RV models, such as:

Not sure which one is right for you? Let Hiemstra help.

Take our Lifestyle Quiz!

Check off all of the boxes that best describe you and your lifestyle.

Group A Group B
  1. You’re a lone wolf or a couple with no kids
  2. You’d rather spend time outside, and only sleep and eat in the RV
  3. You can tow a camper
  4. You want to be able to camp almost anywhere
  5. You don’t want to waste time setting up
  1. You have a small family or want to host a visitor or two
  2. Your family prefers to adventure outside
  3. You’re okay with some set-up time
  4. You want the extra sleeping space without adding weight or length
  5. You’re okay with limited amenity options
Group C Group D
  1. You have a family or lots of friends to host
  2. You want to enjoy some indoor living space
  3. You have a truck capable of towing
  4. You’re looking to set up camp in one place for the season
  5. You’d like some storage space
  1. You want to make a statement
  2. You want access to luxury amenities
  3. You want to travel
  4. You’re comfortable in close quarters
  5. You travel with a four-legged family member

Total up your checkmarks for each group and read on for your results.

Mostly Group A: Travel Trailers

If most of your checkmarks were in Group A, a travel trailer would likely best suit your lifestyle. Since travel trailers don’t have much space, they are a great option for people who plan to travel alone or as a couple. These trailers are not ideal for families or if you plan to host a lot of overnight visitors. What travel trailers lack in sleeping space, they make up for in set-up time, because they require practically no set-up at all.

A travel trailer would best suit an outdoor adventurer because there isn’t much living space. And since storage and living space are limited, travel trailers probably wouldn’t be suitable for families.

Mostly Group B: Expandables

An expandable trailer gives you all of the benefits of a travel trailer, with a bit more sleeping space. For that reason, an expandable might be suitable for a small family, or for those looking to host some overnight visitors from time to time. That being said, most elements remain the same as with travel trailers, including the lack of living space, so be aware that even if you’re travelling with your family, an expandable may really only be suitable if you intend to spend almost all of your time outdoors.

Mostly Group C: Fifth Wheels

The fifth wheel is the most versatile RV because it’s perfect for just about anyone: families, couples, retirees, and social butterflies. The fifth wheel offers some living space, limited storage, and of course sleeping. It also comes with a  few more amenities than expandable or travel trailers such as microwaves, TVs, and A/C.

Fifth wheels suit those who are looking less for adventure and travel and more for an RV community where they set up shop for the season. For families, this may mean access to swimming pools, playgrounds, and social activities too. An often overlooked but very powerful benefit of fifth wheels for families is that they do offer some storage, so it may help reduce packing time and needs when you’re doing weekend trips back and forth to the trailer all summer. Things like sunscreen, bathing suits, life jacks, bikes, towels and more can be housed at the fifth wheel for the season for convenience.

Mostly Group D: Motorhomes

Motorhomes make the most sense for people who want top-of-the-line amenities, lots of living, storage, and sleeping space, and don’t have access to a tow vehicle. Motorhomes tow themselves! They’re suitable for all types and families because they come in a range of sizes.

Motorhomes are excellent for those who are looking to travel a lot, or long distances because they function as a home on wheels. For those who plan to drive for days to experience new locales, a motorhome is a great option! One driver can rest while the other drives, without having to stop. And, if you’re travelling with pets, they can be on board in comfort the entire time instead of stuck in a crate or a car.

Find Out Where to Go in your RV

It’s a Tie!

If you tied in more than that one category, not to worry. Hiemstra can help suggest an RV that works for you that is based on your lifestyle, needs, and goals.

Learn More about Choosing an RV with Hiemstra

Our team of experts is experienced and passionate about helping RV enthusiasts find an RV that will fit their budget and complement their lifestyle for many years to come.

At Hiemstra, we understand that when you choose an RV, you’re also making a commitment to the RV lifestyle and to making happy memories for years to come. We want to help you purchase the RV that fits your lifestyle. If you’re still not sure which RV is right for you, contact us to chat with one of our Hiemstra team RV specialists. We’ll be happy to discuss your options. Contact us today or visit us online.

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